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I create design solutions
that balance  craft  and  vision ,
from  pixel  to  holistic  view,
bridging  visual  and  user experience .

Membership card example

HealthTech member engagement

Customizable posts for the internal growth team to enhance the overall social platform experience and engagement for members

Rebranded business cards

Rebranding a startup

Comprehensive redesign of a B2B coffee industry company from framework ton implementation for better brand recognition and positioning


I'm a versatile design lead and team member with experience across tech companies, non-profits, agencies, and start-ups. I've tackled a range of marketing and product design projects with a focus on putting users at the heart of design, ensuring a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and usability, and collaborating within teams throughout the process as a trusted and eager expert in the field.


My passion for sustainability and social progress drives me, along with a love for learning new ideas, exploring new places and sharing a good laugh.

Find me on LinkedIn, or write me a note below.


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