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Pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, healthcare professionals, lawmakers and market research companies purchase products from Sermo, a physician social network, to access this elite group of practitioners for their insight. Sermo, had been expanding and restructuring their client-facing products for a better experience and clearer organization both for the clients and the Sermo team members involved. Before this overhaul, offerings were not clearly connected, with some aspects being on third-party platforms making the design of each page inconsistent and confusing.


  • Improve the user interface for clients to easily start and monitor the progress of their studies

  • Present information in a clear, organized, and intuative manner

  • Understand the user experience and make each step in the study setup process seamless and straightforward

Design system examples

Here are some components are variables related to the setup stage to launch the studies. The difference check bars show the status of the setup. The step states are not started, incomplete, acceptable, and complete. These were the state needed to show jobs-to-be-done. These progress indicators, presented using standard colors and icons align with users' mental models to make it easier for clients to track their study progress.


The project involved redesigning the interface for the overview dashboard. The primary goal was to elevate the user experience of this page, which serves as a comprehensive hub for clients initiating survey studies. The challenge was to present the extensive information in a more engaging and intuitive manner while maintaining clarity and coherence.

To achieve this, the focus was on creating a visually appealing and organized representation of each study's progress. The overview page needed to provide clients with a high-level view of all ongoing projects, enabling them to quickly assess the status of their work. The redesign aimed to streamline the study setup process, making it easy for users to understand each step in their journey.

Components for in progress project

These are some components I designed for the overview dashboard in progress. This shows a few studies (or quotas) in progress, how well they are doing, and what could be done to make improvements.

Components for completed project

These are some components I designed for the overview dashboard in its completed state. We wanted to show the fielding results in a way that it looked no longer active, but also that there are still a few actions to take such as paying the invoice, analytics to view, and a review to give. I wanted to show these actionable items in a way that can a little information to make it enticing enough to proceed.


The redesigned overview page effectively communicated a wealth of information without overwhelming users. By aligning the interface with users' mental models, it enabled clients to quickly grasp study progress and identify pending actions. Through a thoughtful design process and dedication to user-centricity, the client platform facelift can enhance the user experience for Sermo's clients. By emphasizing clarity, structure, and alignment with users' expectations, Sermo is ready to foster better engagement and satisfaction among its user base.


Toggle between the two page statuses: in progress and completed study.

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