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Rebranding a visual identity

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cups provides services for independent coffee shops such as ordering supplies and booking on-demand baristas on one dashboard. 


The company was in need of improving brand recognition, increasing customer trust, and expanding market reach through the redesign. I led the brand redesign initiative, deconstructing and expand the visual brand to be consistent and flexible across different touchpoints of engagement. 


When I joined, the visual branding was almost non-existent. There was an essential need to define the brand identity, not only because it hadn’t been done before but also there had been a pivot in business strategy since inception. So the company had to shed its old branding and become more cohesive and intentional.
My goal was to determine the company character, where it was positioned, and design visual solutions that portray the brand accurately.

Before redesign examples
Design process examples


Through surveys, research, and collaboration with leadership, we established the brand characteristics that most define the company. And after many drafts and mockups, we determined a visual framework that would be effective across channels.


A comprehensive brand design framework that can be applied to the digital service experience, printed material and packaging, advertising, and can be a guide for future needs.

The above gallery showcases various collateral a potential client/coffee shop receives from a sales person at cups. The box may have samples from the supplies offered on the dashboard along with a personalized company card, business card to get in touch, and a couple swag items like a tote or magnet to show the company personality.

Sample of the visual design applied to the dashboard, offering supplies and services from one site. This dashboard was created after the branding guidelines, so I got to see how the brand would look applied to a brand new platform. To focus more on usability, the design system was more subtle here than in the marketing material. 

Embracing the brand's spirit, a mundane waiting moments can be a  delightful experience. This playful page-loading animation reflects a commitment to delivering an enjoyable user journey, adding a touch of charm and personality to the waiting process.

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