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The job

Create digital design solutions for the online store. I wanted to develop a stronger link between the products and the museum to attract the core customer.

The Met Store offers products, publications, and gifts inspired by The Met collection. Using the expertise of The Met staff of art historians, designers, and artisans, products are designed in-house to reflect the original art object that inspired it. 


Somewhere along the way before I had joined the team, the email and website design solutions had become the whim of the designer and coworkers.

It was important that my designed marketing efforts connected visually to the museum more than they currently were. In doing so, I wanted to add more consistency of the brand and vision.


With the plethora of images, "5,000 years of art", we could often find important works of art available at the museum to relay the message of the campaign, and therefore furthering the connection.

This email came from a brainstorming meeting where we discussed using the various galleries as categories for the products sold. I used the components of the museum map as a guide. And this email was used as an example of for the team of what a successful email design was.

And sometimes, it was time to have fun with animation with all the great art at my disposal.

More Work

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